Lonely hearts & The Trinity

2021 Trinity Sunday (B)

People have been baptised from the beginning, 2000 years ago, in the name of the father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. I can’t remember how many times I have baptised using those same words. Does it make any difference if you chose different words; for example, I baptise you in the name of God? That would be correct but it wouldn’t be whom God has chosen to be known as: God is three Persons not one. We all learned that at school: God is three and God is one: Father, Son & Holy Spirit. 

What God is telling us is that He is not an object. Nor is He God on His own. But rather He is a relationship. And not just any relationship. But a relationship of love. When you love you are close to God. You don’t have to explicitly love God. You can love anyone. But have you ever asked yourself where does that love come from.  It is the most amazing reality in our lives. Love transforms us. It lifts us up to another realm. We speak about falling in love. I’ve never thought about the expression before; why do we ‘fall’ in love [answers on a postcard please]. What ever the answer when it happens you know.  Have you noticed how many songs are about love; almost all of them.  We are besotted by love; and not just young people. There is a huge industry in finding a love-partner, often called ‘lonely-hearts guide.’  People are searching for love, they are craving for love; they want to feel loved. 

The origin of it all is God. The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit love each other. There love is real, it is consuming it is life-giving.  We are invited to touch that love; to be embraced by it, to be carried away by it. The feast we are celebrating today, the Feast of the Holy Trinity, is essentially about love. You have heard it said so many times: God is love. And He is. What a wonderful thing love is; what would we do without it. But then what a wonderful thing God is, to source of love. As I said at the beginning, when we are in love we are close to God; we are close to understanding who He is. God is love: Father Son and Holy Spirit. What must the reality be like: we only experience a touch of that love, a spark; but once it touches we want more. And you should know: God is offering more. More than we could ever realize or wish for or hope for. Such is the nature of love, that it just wants to give and give and give. 

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