Do I have to listen to God?!

2nd Sunday of the Year

When I wake up in the morning these Covid days, I have to overcome inertia; a reluctance to start the day. This isn’t like me but it’s what happens now most mornings. In spite of this lack of enthusiasm to face the day I turn to a crucifix opposite my bed and say: “Speak Lord your servant is listening”.  I do this in imitation of Samuel who was told to do this by his teacher Eli. Unlike Samuel I have never heard the Lord speaking to me. And yet I continue to say this prayer because I know the Lord can and does speak to me in all sorts of ways that are non-verbal: he speaks to me through other people, through events and the circumstances of my day. 

As a baptised Christian I, like all Christians,  am called to listen to God and to do his will. He calls us to listen each day. He first called on the day of our baptism. but most of us won’t remember that, as we were babies. However, we grow up and as we do so we grow in faith.   When Christ called the first disciples, Peter and Andrew, he did not just call them once. Every day He called them to follow Him.  And after His resurrection, when he had disappeared from their sight, he continued to call them. “Speak Lord your servant is listening”, is a prayer all Christians should say. 

Today is World Day of Prayer for Peace. The Lord is calling all of us to be peacemakers. He wants us to strive to overcome injustice and violence in our society and in our world. This is not easy and many avoid doing it. It can be so much easier to avoid getting involved. And so we busy ourselves with other things rather than face up to the injustice in our society. The trouble is that violence and war are what happens when good people do nothing. 

“Speak Lord your servant is listening.” He calls us not just to pray, to go to Church, but above all to listen to His gospel message; a message of peace and justice. But this can be disturbing sometimes. Being a peacemaker means getting involved.  It means getting upset when you hear of injustice and violence and warfare. It means trying to do something about this. It is not right to say: “Who am I? what can I do?” To bring about change all that needs to happen is everyone does a little, God will do the rest. Peace doesn’t just happen, you have to work for it. We Christians being followers of Christ, are called to bring peace and justice to our world; I cannot really be a true follower of Christ, if I avoid the suffering of my brothers and sisters

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