Please write to these political prisoners

I am a Religious Priest based in London. Over the years I have been interested in Nicaragua, a small and beautiful central American country. The situation in Nicaragua is bad. There is an unjust and cruel government that has suppressed its people for years. Anyone who stands up for basic human rights becomes an enemy of the State and is in danger of being assassinated or put in prison for years, with trumped up charges. The Church has not been spared. A friend of mine, Mons Silvio Baez, auxiliary Bishop of Managua, the capital, was attacked in his cathedral, in the presence of the Cardinal and the Papal Nuncio. They beat him, slashed his arm with a knife and took off his ring. But that did not stop him preaching the gospel message of peace and justice. He continues to denounce the government.

The following is an account by the Cardinal of Nicaragua, for the Christian organization Aid to the Church in Need:

I am asking you to write to the following political prisoners. Maybe send them a Christmas card. In this way the government will know that the outside world is watching them. But more importantly, these good people will know that they are not forgotten. It will give them that precious gift of hope. Chose one or more. A friend of mine will ensure that your letters get to the various prisons where they are being held. So please write to:

Carla Castelon, Residencial Los Guayacanes, # 48, Managua 12048, Nicaragua.

  1. Richard Saavedra (Managua)
  2. Oliver Montenegro (Jinotega)
  3. Jaime Navarrete, (Managua)
  4. Justo Rodríguez,
    (Ometepe Island)
  5. Dany García,

On their behalf I thank you.

Fr John McGowan O.C.D.

Church of Our Lady & St Simon Stock, Kensington, London.

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