The person beside you could be a Saint

All Saints (A) 2020

I am sure that many of us have favourite saints. Mine is St Teresa of Avila, who founded my Order. The statues of two of the most popular saints are to be found in most churches: St Anthony of Padua and St Teresa or Therese of Lisieux. However, it is not enough to light candles before them. The Saints should be our inspiration and even our models. We should want to be like the Saints. Ridiculous you might think, but it’s not as ridiculous as it may sound. I say this because in baptism we were all consecrated to be Saints. 

There is in each and every one of us the potential for sainthood.  We were given the gifts to achieve this on the day of our baptism; the graces we will need to become what God wants us to be. You see we weren’t created for mediocrity; if we were then God wouldn’t have given us in abundance the gifts of faith and hope and love. No, we were created to be like the Saints we so admire and look up to. Very often we don’t realize just what precious gifts we have been given. Who can blame us: we live in a busy, secular and materialistic world, that has no time to think about who we are in God’s eyes. 

A good Christian will always take time out to pray, to think and reflect about their faith. In prayer we discover those hidden truths that this world cannot know. We discover what St Paul was desperate to share with anyone who would listen to him. ‘Think of the love that the Father has lavished on us, he said, by letting us be called God’s children.” A Saint is someone who knows this; who realizes that he or she is loved and that they are a child of God. These are not just nice sounding words but words that transform people’s lives. Paul goes on to say that when we enter heaven, “we shall be like God because we shall see Him as He really is.”  What great, what indescribable dignity is ours. 

So, we may not be like one of the great saints, but that doesn’t matter, we are called to be ourselves; to be what God created us to be; to fulfil our potential, and if we do then we shall be Saints. Today we thank God for the example of St Anthony and St Teresa, and for all the Saints.  They were not super men and women. They were ordinary people like us, but they believed in the power and love of God to transform their lives. Like them we too are, as St Paul says, “children of God”; which is why we can, with all the Saints, call God our Father. 

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