Homily for Christmas Day

Homily for Christmas Day 2019

            This is, to say the least, a special time of the year. It is a season of goodwill. Have you noticed that people are kinder at this time? Maybe not everyone but generally there is a nicer feel in our world. This is what Christmas does to people. The birth of Christ brings out the best in us. It can bring us together and help us to forget our differences. 

            A wonderful example of this happened in the First World War. It was a famous incident that happened on Christmas day, when the British and German troops were fighting each other in trenches. The trenches were so close they could hear each other speak. Then on Christmas day some of the German soldiers started to sing carols, they sang ‘Silent Night’, then the British soldiers joined in. Then an amazing thing happened. Both British and German soldiers put their rifles down, left the safety of their trenches and stood in no-mans land. They shook hands and wished each other a merry-Christmas. Then they played a football match. It went to extra time and the Germans won on penalties! This coming together only happened once but it has never been forgotten. Such is the transforming power of Christmas.

We continue to sing carols today. Silent night and O come all ye Faithful and O little town of Bethlehem and others. They still have the power to move us. That is because they are about the greatest story ever told. A story that gives us hope, something to believe in when at times we can be tempted to give up. Hope is such an important virtue. It helps us to keep going when we feel like giving up. This hope, this belief that the birth of Christ gives us, will not deceive. It is real. It’s what makes us optimists. And you know what an optimists believes: that all will be well, that God has the power to save us and lift us up.  

So all of us need to hear these words. We need encouragement at times because we all face difficulties of one kind or another. All of us have that in common. I saw a profile of a famous woman in a newspaper the other day. She was smiling and clearly happy.  And there was a short profile of her life. You could be envious of such a person and we can be. We can look at such people and wish we had their lives, their looks, their money, their opportunities. But like this well-known personality you only get a small percentage, maybe 10% of who they are and what their life is like. She didn’t tell us about that part of her life which is full of pain and darkness. No matter who we are we have difficulties and problems that you wouldn’t wish on anyone. 

Well, today, the birth of Christ gives us hope that in spite of these difficulties and problems all will be well. Joy can replace sadness, even though these difficulties and problems may not disappear. We can live with them provided we have hope; and that is what Christ has come to bring. This is why it is  the greatest story ever told. On this day Christ our Saviour was born. He came to give us life, he came to give us peace and he came to give us hope. No wonder we want to sing those beautiful carols because they capture in words and music the way we should be feeling on this day. It is a day to rejoice and to give God thanks for the gift of His son. 

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