Last Blog of my Camino

Yesterday I prayed at the tomb of St James. The magnificent cathedral was closed for public worship but you could still go inside. There was a long queue to the statue of St James which you approach from the back and up a flight of steps. When you get there I did what millions of other pilgrims did before me, I hugged the statue. Then down the steps and more steps till you come to the crypt where you find the tomb of St James: which consists of an ornate silver reliquary. I knelt in prayer for quite a long time. This was my reason for coming all this way. It was a moment of peace and hope; hope that my prayer for Vocations would be answered. This’s wasn’t blind hope but an act of faith and trust. Then, in a sense, it was all over. I went back outside and met up with my friend Ken. We went back into the main square and enjoyed watching people finishing their journey; it was moving to their reactions as they finally arrived, many in tears.

I visited our Carmelite nuns in Compostella. Their convent, with its granite floor and walls looked forbidding, but when I met the prioress and her assistant I was met by typical Carmelite hospitality. They too are struggling for Vocations. The nearest friars are 100 Kms away in Coruna; only two of them. I wondered if we couldn’t eastablish an international community here. The two sisters loved this idea. Maybe this is Inspired.

Then all good things come to an end and it was time to say goodbye to The Camino, to Compostella and to Ken; this was not easy. But life goes on. Back to the UK on Monday. It has been a “buen Camino”. Thank you for following my blog.

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