18th Day of Camino

Tomorrow I arrive in Santiago. We are asking each other, “how do you feel?” Most people are not sure how they feel. We shall have to wait and see. My motivation for doing this was quite precise: I’m praying for vocations to my Order. I shall be saying an earnest prayer when I kneel before the tomb of St James (Santiago). My blogs have been irregular due in great part to poor wifi connections.

Right now I’m sitting on a bed, with my own room, which feels luxurious after sharing a room with many others these passed 18 days; 18 euros. I’m feeling fit and if my friend Ken had said let’s continue to Santiago, I could have done it. But there is no need to rush. I am going to have two days there before being picked up by friends. Right now I don’t feel excited but nor do I feel disappointed. I am looking forward to tomorrow. I shall concelebrate at the evening mass. The cathedral is closed for refurbishment; closed that is for mass, but we can still go in. Mass will be said in another place. I shall concelebrate for the first time since I began the Camino.

I should have good wifi in Santiago so can let you know how I felt getting there. Until tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “18th Day of Camino

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