Eleventh Day of Camino

today was a hard day, in part because I got lost. I set out early, 6am., to cover the 30 Kms. By now I’m accustomed to packing my rucksack in the dark. I stepped out of the hostel, which had cost me 6 euros. Dora, a South African followed me as she didn’t want to walk alone. She was a fast walker. An hour later We came to a roundabout where we knew to be on the alert for directions. Dora and I doubled checked, now joined by Tiger and Sue from Australia, but could only see the yellow arrow pointing straight on, the arrow was accompanied by a sign, ‘Camino invierno’ which means ‘Sumer camino’. We didn’t really know what this meant other than we were on the right path: if you follow the yellow arrows you can never got lost. We’ll we managed to. We were following the Camino path only it was one of several. We walked for miles up and down steep hills, through sleepy villages whose bars were not open. We walked for six hours like this, dreaming of a cafe con leche. At last we decided we couldn’t go any further. I checked my google map only to discover we were more than five hours away from our destination. You could ask why didn’t you check before, but that would be too difficult to explain; besides I don’t always do the sensible. We took a taxi. It’s the worst thing pilgrims can do, but we had no choice. My feet are now beginning to hurt and hot spots appearing. But that’s ok, like scars on a soldier. I’m going to sleep well tonight.


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