Tenth Day of Camino

I love the history and culture that I see as I pass so slowly through Spain. When I touched this 12th century font I thought of the countless people who had been baptised in it.

Today was physically hard as I walked about 1500 meters down hill. But now I’m at the bottom I’m happy and rested, though my leg muscles are stiff. You can’t help but notice the pettiness of local politics, as signs showing ‘Castile Y Leon’, a region that has been united for centuries, have been effaced, to show just ‘Leon’. The pilgrims are above such things, you won’t find many nationalists on the Camino; I did see a Catalan lady with her flag hanging from her rucksack, but she’s an exception.

Two days ago I walked 35 Kms, by mistake. I won’t go into why but I thought it was all worthwhile when I stepped inside the hostal, with its atmosphere of peace. This thought was further enhanced when I met two Korean sisters: Kim and Eyeung (or something like that). They are not Christian but I first met them in church the day before, which made me think they were. But they are so open, curious and intelligent that I’m sue the Camino will have an effect on them. Just like it did to Berne, my German Franciscan friend. He decided to become a Franciscan after he first walked the Camino.

I could go on. This is a physically demanding thing to do but so worthwhile. I remembered to pray (leaving a stone in a significant place) for all my family and friends. Hasta la prossima.

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