8th Day of Camino

The last four days have been difficult due to the monotony of the trail and being on my own. I now understand why people miss this section. Had I known I might have to. All this walking makes you thirsty, I’ve never cranks so much water.

The Camino, like life itself, is about the people you meet. I’ve been privileged to meet some really good people. I’ve made friends with Ken from California. We had dinne r together last night. M struck by the openness of people who walk the Camino. There’s no nationalism here. I met two Koreans who went to church. They are not Christian but they are curious, interested to learn and intelligent. A nun whom you meet early on: she sits in a small chapel and gives out medals, told some one that he Camino is how God wishes people to be. People look out for each other, do the extra mile are generous, willing to suffer in silence and to keep going.

I’ve had problems with wifi in this part of the world so my communications have been few. I’ve not forgotten to pray for my family and friends. Tday is Sunday, the greatest day of the week. I’m happy to be here on the Camino. It is such a privilege.

U til the next time.

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