Day Two of Camino

Shared a room with two women: Yuko from Japan & Robyn from USA. This was not envisaged when I was a novice! Up at 6.30 and on the road at 7.15. I found my socks I thought I’d lost; I’d rolled them up with my sleeping-bag, also no discomfort in my back; a good start to the day. Walked for an hour before gettting to the next town for breakfast: Fomista. Met a lady on her way home (England); felt sorry for her, remembering that I had to leave early next year. The next 15 Kms were described as “soulless” by my guidebook. They followed the road but I thought of all the pilgrims who’d walked this road and it didn’t bother me. You know you’re going due west by your shadow, which acts like a compass. I met Ken from California and we walked the rest of the way together. When we got to our destination Carrion de los Condes, I thanked him for shortening the journey: this is what appears to happen when you engage someone in conversation. I got the last place in the hostel: I’ll be sharing with 20 others: just 5 euros! Must bet ready for evening mass. I sat in the square at lunch time, ordered a salad and a glass of whistle wine, watched the locals with their families, and just felt good about life. I’m still saying those prayers.

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