Camino Day One

Arrived in the small town of Castrojeriz yesterday; it’s just an hour’s bus ride from Burgos. I got to Castrojeriz last year where I had to abandon the Camino; I just ran out of time. It’s so good to be back. I went straight to the place where I had left a stone and a conker last year; the stone at least was still there. Stayed in the same hostel and met these friendly Americans at the church vending meal.

A number of things have gone wrong: plane late, missed connection, lost socks, legs tired, but nothing will stop my determination to see the positive in this Camino. Walked through a really barren stretch on my first day. Have already met good people: Ernesto from Spain, Tami from Israel, Julie fro England. Had planned to walk 25 Kim’s but decided 20 would do. Placed my first prayer-stone; the first of many for family and friends and those who have asked me for prayers. Must enquire wher I can get to mass tomorrow. Yes, it’s good to be back.

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