Our Vocation’s Trailer now on YouTube

I have been thinking about a Vocation’s Trailer for my Order since autumn last year but only now has it actually come about. I watched it and think Mark Rotherham, the editor, has done a good job. I look a bit wooden at the beginning but, fortunately, loosen up a bit later on. It says what it should say and in a way I think is easy to follow and understand. I am hoping that thousands will visit the site, as they have done with some. I noticed our Wolverhampton Carmel has almost 100,000 views the last time looked. I’d be pleased to get even a tenth of that number. I hope people like it and more importantly I hope that those who have a vocation will look at it. This is my prayer. We shall see. Next thing I need to do is prepare a permanent exhibition. Thank you for reading this.

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