My Homily for 8th Sunday

Don’t worry so much; put all your troubles into God’s hands.

8th Sunday of the Year (a) 2017

The God we believe in loves and cares for us. Nothing is too unimportant or insignificant.

Standing outside headmaster’s door as an 8 year old; waiting to get punished. I prayed. I didn’t get punished. Did God really help me?

Years later I prayed again!! I was in my early 20’s and most of my best friends were married or were engaged to get married. I prayed fervently to God that I would find someone to marry. It could be said that he didn’t hear my prayer…

However, at the same time, I was praying for something else; to find a career that I really liked, that I was good at; something that I really wanted to do. I must have prayed for 18 months possible 2 years before the Lord answered my prayers.

God does listen to our prayers. He may not give us what we are asking for, but he does gives us what we want; only maybe at the time we didn’t really know what we wanted. If I had got my way, if God had given me what I was asking for, then I wouldn’t have become a priest. So, now, I’m glad He didn’t give me what I wanted at the time.

He listens to all our prayers. Some people don’t believe that: they say ‘you say a prayer for me Father…’ What they are really saying is that God won’t listen to my prayers, because I am not worthy to ask Him for anything. But We don’t have to be good to be listened to by God.

The Gospel tells us ‘do not worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself.’ And yet people do worry about tomorrow. I suppose its normal to worry. We can worry about all sorts of things; about the children, about work, about finding work, about money, about health. All these things you could say are good things to worry about. And there are people who worry if they have nothing to worry about. Worry it seems is part of life.

But the Christian should not give in to worry. Don’t we believe in God; that He is all powerful, and all merciful. Haven’t we just heard those words of advice in the Gospel: ‘don’t worry about your life and what you are to eat, nor about your body and who you are to clothe it…’ So do not worry; do not say, What are we to eat? What are we to drink… Set your hearts on on his kingdom first and on his righteousness and all these other things we be given yo as well.’ In other words, trust God to look after your life; put all your worries into his hands. Take the millstone from around your neck, and be free again. Worry only leads to stomach ulcers.

The good Christian doesn’t lack reasons for worrying. However, he or she trusts in God, and so much of the worry is taken away. He is the one who is looking after us. We must let go of our worries and place them in His hands. It sounds simple but it can be extremely hard to do. But its a question of faith: do we really believe in an all powerful God who is looking after us? The answer to that question will help you so much to live life as it should be lived; not crippled all the time by worry.

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